COTTO ETRUSCO simply unique, is the result of the perfect combination between the antique ceramics’ tradition and contemporary design. Everything started from the desire to reactivate an ancient kiln to work sedimentary clays collected in a pit of Etruscan origin. The close relationship between our designers and Master craftsmen allow us to recover ancient production techniques, secret formula of mixtures and glazes, to realize unique quality products, innovative with extremely actual finishing and hues 

COTTO ETRUSCO feels reasearch as the main strategic element for company development. In the internal laboratory, designers and experts in ceramics’ art experience new mixtures, new finishings, with great care about customized and exclusive requests. As main results high quality products, always unique, in line with living evolution and contemporary culture.

COTTO ETRUSCO achieved a production process 100% ecologic and eco-sustainable. Natural clays are hand pressed, first cooking process done in traditional ovens only using wood collected from forests ethically managed and second cooking process done only with electrical ovens 100% with solar energy All glazes and colors are made of natural oxids.

COTTO ETRUSCO was born from the Italian tradition of handcrafted products:Floors, walls and special pieces for prestige buildings, churches, castles, restoration of medieval villages under the architectural protection of the Superintendent of the Italian Fine Arts, as well as luxury mansions of contemporary design. Innovation and tradition, experimentation and continuous research for unique surfaces and design interiors for classic and modern private homes, public places such as hotels, restaurants, boutiques, plazas and fine exteriors. Exclusive materials that are the basis of every project of quality.