Art & Design

COTTO ETRUSCO is the result of great passion for art and design.

Fundamentals are in the knowledge of centuries-old techniques of the great Italian ceramics’ tradition. Unique techniques, even secret, recovered and used with a contemporary concept are at the base of COTTO ETRUSCO’s elegance and exclusivity.

In addition to this exceptional know-how, COTTO ETRUSCO develops the best research, blending the past with the present. It also pays particular attention to art from other cultures, to establish points of contact and offer new innovative solutions. Creating unique products today without setting creative limits for the future.


COTTO ETRUSCO collaborates with FONDAZIONE CIVITELLA RANIERI, an international cultural foundation based in New York that for over 20 years has been hosting in Umbria artists from all over the world.  The first research projects were led by GUILHERME NEUMANN, a Brazilian Visual Artist, and WAFAA BILAL, an Iraqi-born Visual Artist that lives in New York. COTTO ETRUSCO’s idea is to blend century-old techniques and alchemy ies with today’s latest artistic trends, with no limits or boundaries.

CHIOCCHINI & Partners and the Geomorphic Proposal:
Stefano Chiocchini is an artist and designer, founder of ADI Umbria (Umbria Industrial Design Association), passionate about new materials and experimenting to create ultra-modern furnishing solutions.

Maurizio Tittarelli RUBBOLI and the Lusters Effect:
Maurizio Tittarelli Rubboli is the heir and the keeper of the fascinating technique of metallic lusters, started by his ancestors in 1873. A refined technique adopted to create Cotto Etrusco’s prestigious LUSTRO ANTICO RUBBOLI 1873 collection.

Gabriele MENGONI and the “Abborchiato” Technique:
Gabriele Mengoni is passionate about studying and reviving old disused processes, especially those used to make the cups popular during the Renaissance, “coppe abborchiate”, with different finishings, as Mastro Giorgio used to make.


Design Awards is a new project promoted by Cotto Etrusco to reward and sell some “provocative” creations by young designers form all over the world. COTTO ETRUSCO’s mission is to continue researching and experimenting by accepting new stimulating challenges in order to keep creating unique surfaces.